Black Cat PC - Bognor regis: We sell Genuine Original DELL Parts such as latitude, precison, studio, XPS, Vostro and inspron batteries and also Dell chargers. We also sell laptops, desktop computers, hard drives, memory, batteries, CPU fans ... everything, indeed, from the latest and most powerful home computers down to USB cables, graphics cards, PC gaming hardware and software. And all sold with the best advice for your particular requirements.

Computer Repair Online Shop

Custom Builds

If you can’t find a ready-made computer to suit your particular needs, Black Cat PC can build a bespoke system incorporating all of the features that you need without the ones which just get in your way.
If you can’t afford something new, or don’t want to part with the old, Black Cat PC can still be of assistance. We service, repair, and upgrade all makes of desktop and laptop. We also occasionally have reconditioned computers available for sale.


We particularly specialise in custom high-end systems, utilising cutting edge technology, for gamers and power-users.

Home Visits

If your problem is internet related, involves printers or other connected devices, or if you are not able to bring your computer to us, we can come to your home and troubleshoot your system. Give us a ring and we can discuss your options.

Small Business

We can visit your site, perform a health check on your workstations, give you advice on backup and other business critical processes, and set up maintenance contracts tailored to your individual requirements.

Environmental Policy

At Black Cat we are very conscious of the effect our business has upon our "carbon footprint" and, as a consequence, very aware of the need to reduce the emissions resultant from and relating to our activities.

Energy saving lightbulbs are used, as a matter of course, throughout the office and workshop; all our waste is recycled; we do our very best to package products in materials made from renewable resources and when this is not possible - as in the case of bubblewrap - we use biodegradable materials.

We would like to encourage our customers, too, to consider the environmental impact inherent in buying and using a computer or computer equipment. Carbon emissions will be significantly reduced if we all reuse or recycle the packaging, and energy will be saved if we put our computers to sleep when we leave the room or turn our attention to another task.

Environmental damage can also be caused by improper disposal of computer batteries. Customers who do not have access to the proper facilities are invited to send their old laptop batteries to Black Cat for recycling.